FBI releases classified documents on Saudi connections to 9-11 (documents here)

The day after the 20th anniversary of 9-11 the FBI declassified documents regarding Saudi government connections with the hijackers before the terrorist attack. while the Biden administration says it will put to bed any theories that the Saudis had funded or organized the operation the documents in question, and there are more to come, show a daily meeting or contact with a Saudi national who had connections to the Saudi government. the fact that these documents were held for twenty years until most of the people involved, including the late king of Saudi Arabia, are dead should tell you everything you need to know. BTW the Biden administration also announced that anti aircraft weapon systems had been removed from the country to be strategically placed somewhere else.

it should also be pointed out that the 9-11 commission report stated that they had no proof of a connect between the hijackers of 9-11 and the Saudi government while they had these no released documents in their possession. that report now needs to be moved into the fiction department of every library in the United States.


Turning Point, a complete waste of time

With the coming anniversary of 9-11 I felt it was appropriate to watch the Netflix docuseries Turning Point. Looking back, I’m not sure what the point of the documentary was. The events of 9-11 were glossed over. The decisions that followed by the Bush administration had been loosely covered. There was some criticism on Obama for expanding the war in Afghanistan. Then the series ended with the with drawl from Afghanistan however they may have finished their series too soon. Had they continued filming while the military pulled out of the war, they may have bookended the series with the peak of US dominance and the fall of the US as a superpower.

The odd picking a choosing of facts in the series lacked direction as to what exactly they were trying to explain or where the series was going. I guess one could argue that it showed how screwed up US policy has been since 9-11 but what is more interesting are the things left out. The following are just a handful of facts that were left out.

George W. Bush was handed a military briefing titled “Bin Laden determined to strike in US.” Later, he would state multiple times that no one had any idea that something like this could have happened.

Just like the plans for invading Iraq, the Patriot Act was written before 9-11, dusted off, voted on and signed into law without being read by a single member of congress.

Muslim cleric Anwar Al-Awlaki, who was killed by drone strike by the Obama administration had been a Pro-American citizen for years after the events of 9-11. After the attack on 9-11 he talked heavily about how terrorism was against the beliefs of Islam and condemned the attacks. After being harassed for years by the FBI, DHS, and being held seral times at airports for hours, sometimes days without being allowed to board his flight by TSA, Al-Awlaki became an extremist learning that even as an American citizen he did not have the same protections as everyone else. In the end it turned out he was right. Due process was ignored and Al-Awlaki was killed by drone strike without ever being charged for a crime. His son was later killed in the same fashion, a young man who was seeking out family after the loss of his father. Another fact that was left out was the death of AL-Awlaki’s daughter, Nawar Al-Awlaki, in a raid in Yemen during the Trump administration.

Flight 93 was shot down by a US fighter jet over Pennsylvania. Donald Rumsfeld said so himself. There were multiple debris sites over a 6-mile radius. In Turning Point, they claim that one of the flight attendants had been part of the group that stormed the cabin. The final 12 minutes of the flight recorder had never been released. How they know who was involved in the storming of the cabin when no recordings are available?

To this day no footage of the plane hitting the pentagon has been released even though over 80 cameras caught the events and only the one from the guard shack outside of the pentagon has been released. All evidence of the “crash” were collected and discarded the day of the attack before the FBI could have documented the crime scene.

On Sept 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars of the pentagon budget were unaccounted for. The next day the section of the pentagon where budgets and accounting were taken care of was destroyed by a plane flying into the building. Weird.

Building seven was never mentioned in regard to the Trade Center. The third building to fall on its own that day. Several floors had caught on fire when the towers fell. The building was also reported to have fallen 15 minutes before it actually collapsed.

Osama Bin Laden was reported to have died after the invasion of Afghanistan by French intelligence who were at the funeral. Bin Laden had renal failure and was on dialysis treatments to stay alive. The odds of him living long after traveling through the mountains into Pakistan are slim.

There are three official versions of the Bin Laden raid. Bin Laden used his wife as a human shield. Bin Laden poked his head out of his bedroom when a SEAL called his name and shot him in the head. Bin Laden shot at SEALs when they were in his house. All of these are official versions of the story. The man who was pulled out of the house could not be identified because he was shot in the face multiple times. DNA could not be used as ID because they did not have a source sample. The body was dumped at sea against Islamic law, contrary to what the Obama administration says. Any footage of Bin Laden after the invasion of Afghanistan was previously recorded footage or recordings edited to sound like new material and there has never been a video of Bin Laden admitting to the 9-11 attacks.

Pages of documents regarding the funding of the 9-11 attacks from the Saudi Government have never been declassified. 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals.

Even with the dual embassy bombings and the attack on the USS Cole the federal government did not seize the money they had given Bin Laden to fight the Russians until after 9-11.

The passport of one of the hijackers was found outside of the Trade Center after the planes collided with the towers, intact, without being burned.

3 days after 9-11 the decision was made to invade Iraq.

ISIS was completely skipped, created by former Ba’ath party members who were not allowed to help run Iraq after it was invaded.

The project for a new American Century stated that an event like Pearl Harbor needed to happen for America to remain a world power in the coming century.



The Fall of Afghanistan

There is more to this historic moment than the embarrassing exit of a world power after a twenty-year war. Some may look at this as a sign of military weakness but there is more going on here than some are willing to look at. In less than two weeks the country of Afghanistan fell into the control of the Taliban. These rag tag fighters who were trained by us to fight the Russians, turned that training into a gorilla war against the US for twenty years. We failed to capture Osama Bin Laden on the Pakistan border and even after his alleged death, whichever story you choose to believe, we stayed in the country with no goal, no objective, refusing to leave long after the original mission had been accomplished.

While the country falls apart President Biden is nowhere to be found. The white house press official is on vacation. There is no one to make a statement or tell the public what is happening and how the evacuation will continue. The airport in Kabul has been overrun by people fighting to get onto planes loaded beyond capacity and there is video footage of bodies falling from the landing gear as people cling on trying to escape from the Taliban.

The systematic failure of the federal government has never been more obvious as we pull out of a country who housed the terrorists that plotted and executed 9-11 and they set their sites on US citizens in the United States who wave Trump flags and are pissed off about Covid restrictions and rising inflation. The recent press release from Homeland Security listed people who didn’t agree with the election results, people who oppose Covid restrictions, and those who oppose the president as “terrorists.” We have finally devolved into a nation that attacks people for their political beliefs, something you would see in a third world country. At this point, Afghanistan might have more freedom for their citizens compared to what the Biden administration is planning for US citizens. FEMA posted their guidelines for setting up “covid camps” on their website, there is a link in a previous post. For some reason the federal government needs to have an enemy, someone to focus on to blame for everything they are doing wrong. When 9-11 happened Muslims were blamed for the CIA and FBI failures to stop 19 hijackers who were funded by the Saudi government and trained on US soil. These organizations could not get their heads out of their asses long enough to see an attack was about to happen even though a briefing was handed to the president called “Osama Bin Laden plans to use airliners for terrorist attacks.” While we chased a boogie man across the globe for twenty years, we didn’t notice the amount of fraud taking place in the mortgage market and instead of arresting people on wall street we blamed the people who lost their houses while handing over tax payer dollars to bankers. Then came the “mostly peaceful protest” of 2020. For six months the country watched as communist terrorists marched through the streets, looting, burning, attacking, rioting, and killing people while our local governments all the way up to the federal government did nothing. On January 6, 2021 Washington D.C. had a taste of what the rest of the country had been going through. While no local business were looted or burned to the ground, nobody died except for an unarmed protestor in the Capital Building, and the protestors were not armed the government flipped out at THEIR security being breeched. These people did not care about anyone else who were losing their livelihoods as Covid restrictions closed doors and their business destroyed over the death of a junky that OD’d on fentanyl. For twenty years I watched these people walk around with their heads up their asses, focusing on the wrong things and wondering why everything falls apart that they touch.

Earlier today on Glenn Beck I heard a caller talking about how she had to spend the day with an Afghanistan veteran who was suicidal after watching the downfall of the country. The amount of lives and years sacrificed, 2.2 trillion dollars that could have been spent here and instead we see a return of $0 on our investment.  If a stock broker invested 2.2 trillion dollars over 20 years and lost it all, he would be unemployed, hell he might be dead considering who he might have been investing for. We can’t fix the pipes in Flint but we can invade a country, put thousands of lives at risk, and leave putting the population and the rest of the world at risk. This is what America has come to. The only difference is that now these cocksuckers want to focus on people who live here, pay their taxes, try to run their businesses under impossible standards, voted for someone else, and are tired of uneducated assholes telling them to wear a mask one day and not to the next. The Biden administration is a joke that I’m trying to find funny but it’s like watching a fifty-year-old stripper still expecting tips after she fell of the pole on stage. There is nothing appealing about this. The sad state of our country has me thinking that there are few ways out of this. The Federal Government is a fucking embarrassment and it would not be surprised if they tried to flex their shrunken testicles on a population that are already sick of their shit. Lockdowns are coming again and I doubt that people will go along with them. We were told If you get a shot that you could go about living your life like normal. How quickly that changed in such a short period of time. The same people who took the jab are now required to wear masks and still follow restrictions like everyone else. When you have been repeatedly lied to at what point do you stop listening and tell these people to fuck off?

During a time that leadership is needed the most we have no president to look to. Biden is at camp David and the white house couldn’t even post an updated photo of the president working. There is no one available to answer questions. There is no statement that they are doing everything they can to make sure US citizens are safe exiting the country. Our leadership is nowhere to be found and with this level on incompetence why should anyone listen to what they have to say after this. This is not trump’s fault. Everyone warned these people what would happen if we left without being organized. The buck stops with Biden and he is nowhere to be found. If you didn’t think the country was fucked before look no further. This is a clusterfuck burning in a dumpster fire. Enjoy the show.


The Purge is real

During the Obama administration the national defense authorization act (NDAA) had several points added that made people question the legitimacy of the act. The initial intent of the annual signing was to fund the military but somewhere along the way it became a way of passing laws without congress or voters’ input. Some of the things added included: legalizing propaganda to be used on the American people, the indefinite detention of American citizens, and detaining journalist. There have been lawsuits over the years finding the NDAA to be unconstitutional, violating the 1st and 5th amendment. One does not have to look far to see how the NDAA has been abused. Obama was questioned as he was signing the bill about the indefinite detention of American citizens he said “Yes I’m signing it, but it doesn’t mean it will ever be used.”

It was only a few days ago that I received an email stating that I had received my first strike on YouTube for violating their policies about “medical misinformation.”  I had quoted other channels, who happen to be experts in the field, and discussed how Fauci, the savior of the world, had killed millions of gay people over the decades by not funding studies into drugs that could help the treatment of AIDS. Instead, Fauci pushed for the production of an AIDS vaccine and I’m so glad that it was created (to this day there has been no success in the creation of an AIDS vaccine). I also used the word Hydroxychloroquine as an example of something that the medical community refused to look into because Trump had mentioned it as a possible treatment. This was disavowed without research. The YouTube policy of never saying the word is on par with punishing a three-year-old for using the “F” word even though they hear it all the time. That same morning, on my drive to work, I was listening to the morning radio show with Michael Patrick Shields and he started to discuss Governor Whitmer and her dinner party that broke Covid restrictions. A man filed charges against the governor so that she would receive the $500 fine that she deserves, and as the evidence was discussed the radio cut out. The rest of the segment did not air.

How far does this go? A few days ago, the Darkhorse podcast received a strike on their channel for talking about Ivermectin as a prophylactic drug in preventing contracting Covid-19. Both hosts, the husband-and-wife team, stated their credentials at the beginning of the show and read the studies on this particular drug. They gave the background on how the studies had been conducted in places like Africa but ignored here. The federal government went to different pharmaceutical companies asking if there were any drugs that might treat Covid-19, after stating they had hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for the development of one. The answer was a solid “no” and the money was handed over with no questions asked.  

Steven Crowder is back after being kicked off YouTube for two weeks. His crime, questioning the CDC guidelines on wearing mask, back when they said it was not safe or preventative to do so. The other time he contradicted the CDC was when he suggested that the virus may have come from the Wuhan Lab, which they now state to be a possibility, and Dr Fauci had a hand in making that happen, and the federal government paid for the research, after it was banned in the US by the Obama administration. But Crowder is the bad guy here.

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen a reversal of official story and policy coming from the government and big tech. now the government says that it is plausible that Covid-19 came from a lab and was man made. Facebook stated recently that they will no longer ban comments about Covid coming from a lab. After all of this, the accounts frozen or channels shut down, now they say that the people who had been saying this for over a year are right, but there is no apology. Channels are not brought back, Facebook accounts are not reinstated, while the companies move on like nothing happened and will not be held accountable for their actions. If there is anything that we have learned here it’s that the federal government doesn’t know what is going on, even now I don’t know what to believe on the lab leak because they were wrong before. Isn’t it funny that the same day 9-11 happened we knew right away that it was Osama Bin Laden but we can’t figure out where a virus came from? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a long list of lawsuits after this. To have an account shut down for saying something you think could/ might be true is libel. The company is making a false statement about the person they are accusing and for them to come out over a year later and say that they are wrong and change their policy is proof of their false statement about others. If they are a publisher, as they claim to be, they can be held accountable for libel.

The purge is real. The shut down of the first amendment through private corporations is real. The so-called conspiracy theories that people have been discussing over the last year are real. Funny how the same people who claim to keep us safe are the first to hurt us.


The Great Reset: Globalization and Nationalism

“The shortening or relocalization of supply chains will be encouraged.” Page 108.

In the past year there have been two events that really showed how fragile our supply chain is, Texas and Covid-19. During the Ice storm that hit Texas in February of 2021 supply chains shut down from the farm to the supermarket when the power was shut off in certain parts of the state. Ranchers could not open the doors to some of their barns to feed their cattle. Crop farmers could not work the grain silos to move feed for the ranchers who needed it. Warehouses did not function and store were shut down unable to process purchases without electricity. Texas was a prime example of how our supply chain can be shut down with the flip of a switch.

Towards the beginning of covid-19 the public learned how much of our pharmaceutical industry is now located overseas. India and China supply the US with the majority of our generic versions and antibiotics. When the lockdowns started both of these countries refused to export any medical equipment or medications regardless of who owned the company or already paid for the product. Our healthcare supply chain was shut down by foreign countries.

Localizing supply chains is not a new concept. For the past twenty years I have heard people pushing this idea and to a greater extent I want to agree with it. But, if we are shortening supply chains, taking more hands away from the product to move it from the origin to your home, why is it costing more than something imported from China or India? I may like my farmer neighbor Bob down the street but I’m not going to pay double for his spinach compared to what the local supermarket brought in with Chile on the label. If localizing the supply chain is going to work the local producers need to start offering prices that will under bid what is coming in from the world market.

“On the left, activists and green parties that were already stigmatizing air travel and asking for a rollback against globalization will be emboldened by the positive effect the pandemic had on our environment (far fewer carbon emissions, much less air and water pollution.) Page 108.

Green parties will be pushing for more climate change restrictions on economies all over the world, however Covid-19 did them no favors with what we learned after the initial lockdowns. From march 2020 to the end of the year the earth heated up by half a degree. The air was cleaner but that also meant that more solar rays were able to hit the earth’s surface and not be reflected back by aerosols. Reducing carbon emissions and air pollution heats up the earth faster, not slower. We learned this twenty years ago after the days following 9-11. When airlines were shut down and people stayed home from the shock of what happened with the world trade center, the earth, just like during the lockdowns, heated up from the lack of air pollution. As the decades pass, we continue to relearn the same things while continuing to pass along the wrong information to future generations. I remember learning about global warming as a kid growing up in the 80s and the information that is given to kids today is almost identical regardless of everything we have learned. The earth is changing, it always has been. With the agenda to shut down carbon emissions and fossil fuels we have to learn time and time again that doing so would speed up the disaster waiting to happen with harsher consequences.


The Legal Backing of Forced Vaccines


I know a lot of people are talking about not receiving the Covid-19 vaccine or mention putting it off to see what the possible side effects are. however, it was brought to my attention in an old video with the late Michael Ruppert were it was pointed out to me that the federal government had already passed laws back in 2002 to force the public to take a vaccine if it was deemed a public health emergency. The Homeland security act, the same law that created the department of Homeland Security, states that US citizens can be given vaccines if there is a major health crisis like a bioweapon released into the population. while the law uses Smallpox as an example of a weaponized disease it doesn’t state this is the only disease it applies to. If you look into the act further you will find that people who refuse the vaccine can be deemed as domestic terrorists and not be given due process, and detained indefinitely.

Currently, the head of the CDC has stated they don’t know how much of the vaccine exist and can not estimate how much will be given to the public this year. Considering the questionable roll out of this vaccine it is no wonder why Dr. Fauci is now recommending two mask instead of one.