H R 127 what you should know.


Well, here we go. H R 127 was introduced to congress on January 4th, 2021 and has not been voted on yet but here is what is included in this dystopian piece of literature.

After H R 127 is signed into law every gun owner in the US will have 3 months to register their firearms and ammunition with the ATF. every gun owner will be required to have an insurance policy, a psychological evaluation, and the ownership of any firearm defined as a military firearm is banned.

Definition of a military style firearm: any rifle or pistol with a detachable magazine. The ability to hold a bayonet. threading for a silencer or suppressor. A built in magazine that holds 5 bullets or more. This also includes civilian models of firearms like the AR-15 and pistols.

Antique firearms require a special permit to be on display. The display needs to be approved by authorities before a license will be given.

As usual, the government, while writing this bill take little into consideration. Governments inability to complete paperwork, 7 million new gun owners in the last year, and heirloom weapons that have been handed down and have no record. For the morons that sign onto this bill I have one thing to say, good luck.

Check out the bill in its entirety for all the juicy little details.


Is BLM the new confederacy?


Lilith Sinclair, an Afro-indigenous non-binary organizer for BLM Portland stated, she is not just “organizing for the abolition of the militarized police state,” but also for the “abolition of the United States as we know it.” This doesn’t sound like the words of someone who wants to correct the things that are wrong with our current system but somebody who wants to create a new one with no idea what to do if they did.

It might not be fair to say that BLM is like the confederacy, after all the confederates joined their states together and said they were leaving to create their own country. BLM has no army, a poorly written statement of their goals, and no land to claim as their own except for what they try to steal as autonomous zones. Currently, protesters are working towards burning down the Federal Courthouse in Portland and the state along with local government is aiding them by telling the president that they do not want Federal officers in their state. This was taken one step further on July 21, 2020 when the attorney general of Oregon said that federal officers would be arrested if they tried to detain anyone during a protest. The federal government has the right to defend their property especially if it has been under siege for 53 days, at the time of writing this. It would appear that not only the media but the politicians of these cities and states are taking sides against the federal government.

When Confederate statues were being torn down, I kept hearing that these people were traitors and didn’t deserve to have a statue celebrating them. Recently in England, a statue of a BLM protester was erected to replace a statue of Edward Colston. Colston was torn off of its pedestal and thrown into the river only to be replaced with the image of a protester/ rioter who partook in the event and stood on the empty pedestal with her hand raised in the air. The image of a slave trader was replaced with the image of a rioter that helped destroy public property. One used his money to fund orphanages and the other pushes a communist agenda. Which one of these deserves to have a statue?

The word traitor is used for the confederates and while I don’t agree with their reasons for leaving the union. I will agree that they were still Americans just like the people rioting in the streets these days. Because they were Americans and the nation needed to heal those that had survived the war were taken back into the nation. Their families erected statues in the hopes they would not be written out of history and forgotten. There is something to be respected knowing that they stood up for what they believed in. its more than I can say for a lot of people these days. However you may think of these men, they have families that remember them. There were ideas and personalities that died with them, families destroyed when they didn’t come home and the problem of living with an enemy that you fought for four years when it was over.

There has always been more than one America. There was the north and the south. Now we have the east and west coast. The forgotten fly over region. Texas, I will leave that as its own culture. No matter how we look at our country we can not forget that we are all Americans. At the moment the left and the right are looking down the barrel of each other’s rifles wondering who will fire first. The right holds back while bricks and water bottles fly through the air. At the moment the left can’t win. The demands they have set forth don’t work in the democracy that we have and the majority of people don’t agree with what they believe. The left has dug its own grave and is screaming from the bottom how it was everyone else that put them there. As we sit back and watch the left continues to dig and I wonder how long it will be until someone offers a rope to get them out, or start throwing dirt into the hole.

I have hopes that one day the left snaps out of the bipolar episode it is having and decides to join society again. There current plan to cry, bitch, and complain their way into universal basic income is no way to move ahead and heal the country. They continue to talk about reparations while destroying everything around them and not caring about who has to clean it up. There will be a day when they realize their fit didn’t give them the outcome, they thought it would. People won’t forget the businesses that were destroyed, the people shot and killed, and the people cancelled and had their lives ruined. There will be a day of reckoning when they will ask for forgiveness and I don’t know if people will have it in their hearts to forgive them. For me, there will be no hugs to give. There hasn’t been any effort to correct the destruction I have witnessed. My city still looks like shit. A memorial to a cop who lost his life protecting the city had to be removed because of vandalism. Graffiti still covers my bank. Windows haven’t been replaced. Nobody has been arrested. The south had to rebuild, after all it did start the fight. As for the left they can start by cleaning up the mess they created. Scrub the spray paint off the buildings. Replace the windows you smashed. Help the business owner rebuild the structure you set on fire. Take back the items you stole. Paint over black lives matter that has covered our streets. if this is too much, find somewhere else to live. There is an idea that this is their country and only their country. Like in 2016 there is a forgotten group of people who are wait for their time to speak and their numbers are growing.

The difference between the Confederacy and BLM is knowing when you have lost. There was a period of forgiveness, Lincoln knew this. In order for the country to survive the north had to accept the south back into the nation. Everyone was an American but these days I have to wonder, with the talk of abolishing the government and everything labeled “white” how does one move past the inherent racism dividing the country? Is there a country after everything that has been said and done in the name of a toxic belief? How does a country move on from an attempted murder suicide like the one happening right now? Only time will tell.



Say her name, Jessica Whitaker

On July 5th 2020, Jessica Whitaker was enjoying a Date night with her fiancé when they walked past a group of Black Lives Matter protesters who tried to get her to say “Black Lives Matter.” Instead of repeating the phrase back to them she responded with “All Lives Matter.” An argument erupted and eventually things calmed down, or so they thought. The BLM group left the area but waited on top of a bridge for the couple, and when they walked under it a member of the group pulled out a gun and shot Jessica three times killing her in front of her fiancé. She left behind her three-year-old son. All of our civil rights are being threatened and suppressed by a terrorist group called Black Lives Matter and their ranks include everyone from out of work college dropout baristas to prosecuting attorneys. Hell, even Nancy Pelosi has joined the ranks kneeling in DC while senior citizens are dying from the corona virus.

This murder was an outright assassination of free speech. “If you don’t say what we tell you to say we will kill you.” That is the message we are to receive from this. The list on the communist take over check list is growing. Destroy history, censor the media, take away the guns, and kill anyone who doesn’t obey.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey had a search warrant issued on their house for the AR-15 Mark held while hundreds of violent protesters tore through an iron fence and threatened to kill him, his wife, their dog, and burn the house down. St. Louis is a state with Castle Doctrine that states they do not have to flee their property and they can use up to deadly force to defend themselves and others. The DA in the case doesn’t appear to understand this saying that she would find something to charge the couple with for defending their home. The AR-15 was taken by the police and the couple has yet to be charged with anything.

The story of Jessica Whitaker has not been reported through any major media outlets. The planned assassination of a white single mother in her 20s might create a bad image for BLM. This is what we are getting from our elected officials these days, the message they have been sending is bow down or lose your head. The McCloskeys are now defenseless against a group that did return to their home less than a week after the initial protest/ riot on their property. The second time around they had hired armed guards and watched as the mob refused to enter the property a second time. Now that they are un-armed, I would not be surprised if the mob came back again to try to finish the job.

The Minneapolis police department has seen over 150 resignations in the last month and the number of houses on the market is skyrocketing as people try to flee the city that will soon have no police. In Seattle the city council voted to cut the police budget in half causing over one thousand employees of the police department to lose their jobs. Not only is the chief of police a black woman but the minority of the police force is white cops. The majority of Seattle’s PD is people of color. The city council successfully made minorities unemployed in the argument of making minorities safer.

Not only is Seattle forcing the unemployment of minorities they are also segregating their white employees by forcing them to under whiteness training. These classes try to teach them how to undo their whiteness to eliminate racism in the workplace. In the class they are taught to not talk to much because if they do, they are oppressing those around them, but then are also told to not be silent because silence is violence. Be mindful of how many white people are in the room because you might make the minorities in the room feel uncomfortable. You may have to forfeit the guarantee physical safety in the workplace. And don’t forget, racism is not our fault but we are responsible. All of these actually points made during the anti-racism training session the city forced their white employees to undergo. As one of my former co-workers once said “if they are putting everyone of the same color in the same room, its not good.”

In Detroit, a police officer dodged two bullets Neo style while trying to arrest a suspect. While officers apprehended a suspect, a friend standing nearby pulled a pistol from his pocket and pointed it at an officer from a few feet away. Two quick rounds were fired and the officer charged the man while fellow officers returned fire killing the shooter. The officer who was shot at was not harmed. Hours after the shooting protest started and the police immediately released the body came footage from several officers and a dash cam. This did not convince protesters to stand down. Even when evidence is shown the mob does not care. This has been an ongoing issue with a group that refuses to have a conversation. When Michael Brown was shot by a police officer there was a statement from a so-called witness that Brown was on his knees with his hands in the air saying “hands up, don’t shoot.” This whole story ended up being a fabrication, the witness was hiding behind a car while Brown was hitting the police officer in the patrol car trying to take his gun from him. one story was proven the other was quickly debunked but BLM didn’t care and all we heard for a year was “hands up, don’t shoot” a mantra that lives to this day on the foundation of lies and villainy.

The stakes of the game have been risen and I am afraid that with the start of Blue Live Matter counter protest there will soon be blood in the streets. If these people are willing to wait out a person for refusing to say black lives matter and kill them in the streets what is to stop them from injuring or killing those who show up to undermine their message? BLM has become increasingly bold over the past two months, bringing riots along with their protest, taking over large sections of cities and threatening to burn everything down if they don’t get what they want. Now they are taking lives and the media won’t cover it. This isn’t one of the “accidental” shootings that we saw in CHAZ or the Wendy’s in Atlanta, this was something different. There was a change in their tactics and I hate to say it but we are likely now in the middle of a civil war. One that is divided by ideology more than race. There is a growing number of black people who are outspoken for their dislike over black lives matter. In New York City a fried chicken restaurant now has a sign posted that they only serve whites. When questioned about this policy the black owner said he was “tired of black folks trying to burn down his business and kill him.” He was “sick of it” and “from now on he was only serving whites.”

I don’t want to think it but I know it’s coming, there will be more Jessica Whitakers in the future and we have to remember that we could be next. I functioning democracy is crumbling around us and it is only a matter of time before we start seeing scary changes happening in our society. Granted the things we have seen, with how quick things are going, is scary unto itself. The revolution isn’t over yet and it’s just started. We have a long road ahead of us if this thing gets kicked into full gear. The violence and death that we have seen so far is only the beginning. If this movement continues to go unchecked, we will see major changes in all aspects of our lives in the near future. The quicker the changes the more violent the movement will be. We have to start remembering what has come before. When times become hard remember where it all started. Say her name, Jessica Whitaker.




The Second Coming Civil War?

On January 1 of 2019, James Weasley Rawles wrote a post for his Survivalblog.com about a coming Civil War. Unfortunately, people are taking this poorly argumented post to heart. Prepper channels all over YouTube shared the message with their own interpretations and crappy excuses for why their personal wet dreams will come true. One channel, Praxis Homesteading and Survival Skills, created a video called “USA Food Riots Within 60 Days” using the current government shut down as an excuse to blame poor people for the coming riots they predict. Of course, the logic behind this is the lack of funding for programs like WIC and food stamps, which I would like to point out are NOT affected by the partial government shutdown. While Rawles doesn’t discuss this argument in his essay he instead takes a religious tone instead.
The history book was thrown out for this essay, making claims that the FBI was once nonpartisan and could uphold the law without discrimination. J Edgar Hoover would be wetting himself with this praise if he was here today. Rawles comes across like a Muslim Cleric in post invasion Iraq talking about a war between the godly and ungodly, whatever the hell that means? Then he caters to the Trumpets pointing out the landmass map of red and blue states while complaining about the colors used for the demographics. I can’t figure out what kind of religious purge he is envisioning, or why he thinks 87% of the population that label themselves at Christian are being oppressed and unrepresented. I guess when you live in your own world, isolating yourself from the rest of the country you start to think that people who are different are a danger and need to be “taken care of.”
I have seen this before in my own life. People who are not satisfied with how their lives turned out trying to find someone to blame for their own mistakes in life. If you work in a factory and your job is shipped overseas, well you blame the poor or immigrants. Another school shooting it must be those gun hating liberals trying to take our weapons. Doesn’t matter the shooter came from a conservative home where guns were readily available. Rawles has become the front man of the conservative blame game. Why shouldn’t he? If works great for other outlets like Blaze and FOX news. Give your viewers someone to hate and sent them on their way, hell they will even throw money your way to keep hearing the message. It’s like their own person self help guru feeding the flames of their discontent and pointing them in the direction of their own self destruction. For a group who talks about fiscal responsibility and moral leadership both are lost somewhere on the horizon of their past.
Post that have followed the new years essay have been about funding for the website and asking for money. Rawles won’t use Patreon and instead ask for cheques to be sent to help keep things up and running. Survivalblog.com has become the southern welfare states of America, hating gays, the poor, and minorities while not seeing they are what they attack. In the words of Ron Swanson “people are idiots” and the last day has shown me how right he was.