Burry is back

Michael Burry is back on Twitter after he received a visit by the SEC and he shut down his Twitter account. So far there is only one Tweet and there are clues as to what he is thinking with his new profile and the hashtags listed. Burry believes that the bubble of all bubbles is about to burst and this is caused by everything from Covid lockdowns, out of control money printing, and massive inflation. The housing market is back to 2008 levels with over priced mortgages being bought up by private corporations and foreign interest. Burry continues to sound the alarm knowing that he is being watched. The man who earned over 100 million from the 2008 housing bubble is now betting against Tesla and other companies that are viewed as safe. If I had to place my trust between Burry and the federal government I would side with Burry. One prints money to prove they are right, while the other puts their money where their beliefs are. It should be obvious to everyone at this point that the system is going to start crashing down, it already is, and just like 2008 we are in the phase where the crew of the titanic are telling us everything is fine and please stay away from the lifeboats, as their friends and family load up to row off into the ocean.


Was Ruppert Right?

We are just over a hundred days into the Biden Administration and already there is a series of “crisis” taking place. Immigration, war in the middle east, a gas shortage, domestic terrorism, cyber-attacks, and a pandemic that was supposed to end after a two-week lockdown that extended to a year and a half in parts of the country. Many of these things have nothing to do with Michael Ruppert’s book Confronting Collapse but considering the recent fuel shortage that has been created by bad policies one should be wondering what is really going on.

A computer hacker group shut down the Colonial Pipeline and within hours a ransom was paid. Before this event, President Biden stopped the construction of the Keystone pipeline while at the same time Governor Whitmer of Michigan placed orders to shut down the Enbridge Pipeline that transports oil from the Upper Peninsula to the lower peninsula of the state.  Colonial supplies 30% of the nation’s gasoline, oil, and natural gas to the East coast of the United States pumping 100 million barrels of Gasoline a day. Even with the ransom paid the pipeline did not function for days as gas stations ran out of fuel. As of 5-18-2021 gas stations in the state of Virginia were charging $7 a gallon for gasoline. Add that the pipeline was shut down again and things are not looking good for the nation’s energy independence.

Ruppert’s book argued that peak oil would be the cause of a world wide societal collapse. What he never considered is that it could be a man-made phenomenon and not naturally occurring as he argued. A man named Hubbard theorized that we would reach peak oil around the year 2000. This was the same time that 9-11 happened and a few years later we invaded Iraq. At the time this all appeared to be a US policy to counter peak oil for national security, and maybe it was. Then we started to invest in fracking and a decade later became energy independent and the leading exporter of oil in the world. Within a few weeks into the Biden administration that all changed and now we have $3 a gallon gasoline and several pipelines shut down and fracking banned on federal land where most of it takes place. Peak oil was achieved in the US but it was man made.

Peak oil was not the only concerning aspect of Ruppert’s book and the movie Collapse. There was a map of social unrest and the chaos that would happen during the breakdown of social order. For a while, cities and other smaller governments were shutting down different parts of infrastructure in order to save money. Street lights were turned off, water was no longer available to certain parts of cities, roads were no longer maintained. Then technology stepped in. LED lights started to be installed in street lights and in government builds using a small fraction of traditional light bulbs. But even with the money saving factor of this new technology studies found that cities were using more electricity even with the new lights. Somehow the problem was still not solved.

Riots broke out in 2020 and the nation is still experiencing this in various places. These are not the food riots that were predicted. Instead, this is an artificial event that was built on lies and a social agenda including but not limited to removing Trump from office.

What we have started to see now is the break down of the federal government. There are several parts of this and they all appear to be happening at the same time. The death of the US dollar through inflation and a spending spree that doesn’t appear to have an end in sight. States refusing to follow Federal laws that counter state laws, or even better, the state’s interpretation of Federal Law (the constitution). We are seeing 2nd amendment sanctuary states and in some cases the state police are authorized to arrest federal agents who try to break state law. Texas even has a bill going to their state government considering leaving the Union because the federal government doesn’t represent the people of Texas. This argument is well documented with the resent law suit that was refused by the Supreme court claiming that Texas voters were disenfranchised in 2020 when other states changed their voting laws through executive orders and not through state governments like the constitution says. Texas had precedence with the 2000 verdict of Bush v. Gore where the same thing happened in the state of Florida. As one pansy judge stated during an inner office argument “I don’t want to hear about Bush v. Gore. There are riots in the streets.” Even the Supreme court appears to be dictated by mob rule.

Looking back, it would appear that Ruppert was correct about many things but of course the details are sketchy. Ruppert wasn’t a prophet and he never claimed to be. He read the signs of the times and for the moment he could see where it was going. There are factors he could never had accounted for and while peak oil doesn’t appear to be the ultimate culprit society does appear to be collapsing right on schedule. I wonder if Ruppert had stuck around if he would have considered the uprising of Wokeism and the current Communist revolution that is taking place in the country. Could this be a symptom of the limitation of energy in the world? We saw what happened in Texas when renewable energy stopped working and the shut down coal fired power plants could not be brought back online. There would also appear to be the connection of UN programs like Agenda 21 that were not considered and how they have been brought to the forefront through The Great Reset and 30 by 2030. The information that Ruppert had at the time is what he had to work with, although I am surprised that UN programs were not considered in his map of the world order. Of course, the first decade of this century had the UN appearing to be an incompetent organization that could not stop its own officers from sex trafficking and had a horrible inability to stop genocide in any country on the planet. They signed bills and laws, whined about the deaths of thousands of people but didn’t have the ability to do anything about it. The UN functioned like a castrated rooster in a hen house. It talked big, acted like it would do something, but in the end, there were no results. Now with the World Economic Forum, the UN, and the adaptation of the Great Reset in the policies of countries across the planet the UN appears to have a new power implemented through national policies rather than a world governmental body. Now instead of having one group of idiots trying to run things they don’t understand we have several groups of idiots taking orders from those idiots and creating systems that will cause chaos and death across the planet. Great.

To answer the question, was Ruppert right? Yes and no. the Peak oil argument has fallen on its face and while it could still happen in the coming years it would appear the greater threat to civilization is government policy and the new secular religion of Wokeism. Throw in a little communism and you have the break down of society that Ruppert described. All the small details are there, the riots, the inability for supply chains to function, loss of revenue for government, the death of the dollar as the reserve currency, and the outbreak of war. Its funny how so many of these were delayed while a different president was in office and suddenly, we are seeing an uptick in chaos with a change of office. If you were to take out the peak oil argument from Collapse then his predictions would be correct. While Ruppert wasn’t a prophet he was a brilliant man who could put pieces together and figure out what was really going on. I know that some people will want me to say that he was wrong and had some mental issues but with every bit of genius comes a hint of crazy. The man lived an interesting life and when you know what he does its difficult to stay sane in an insane world. Ruppert saw the collapse of society coming and I am left wondering what he would have thought about the revelation of UFOs, now that would have been interesting.


The Great Reset: Employment

“This precipitous drop-in economics activity has caused a level of pain that is hard to capture in words, as lives are upended amid great uncertainty about the future.” -Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

I don’t know what Powell said before or after this statement that was quoted in The Great Reset, I do know that for every percentage point that unemployment increases 40,000 people die. This figure was true in 2009 when the economic collapse was taking place and everyone acted like it was the end of the world while the great black hope was taking office and Bush signed over the life savings of a nation to Wall Street. I’m sure that the numbers are higher these days and while knowing this the leaders of our country decided to sacrifice those who would not make it through a recession for those who would likely make it through a pandemic.

Schwab makes the argument that other countries kept their unemployment down through policies that kept people employed even if they weren’t working. In Germany they saw an increase of less than 1% in unemployment while the US had over 11%. What he fails to mention is that the loans the Federal Government offered to small businesses were eaten up by large corporations they were not intended for. Plus, if it was used to pay employees during the pandemic and keep them on payroll it didn’t have to be paid back. The stupid thing that was added to that program was adding $600 a week to people collecting unemployment curing Covid-19. For a small business it did not make sense to keep your employees on payroll when they would make more money on unemployment. The other stipulation was that it could not be used for other expenses or it would have to be paid back. If a business wasn’t sure it would re-open after a lockdown it was in everyone’s best interest to close and collect unemployment.

Even the people running the “plandemic” have low hopes of an economic recovery after lockdown. “Globally, a full recovery of the labor market could take decades and, in Europe like elsewhere, the fear of mass bankruptcies followed by mass unemployment looms large.” Page 54.

As of 2-14-2021 Covid-19 infections are down, the death rate is down, and in the UK the daily death count has decreased by 46% since the peak and they are on lockdowns again. The people running this program know what they are doing and it no longer has anything to do with the pandemic and I wonder if it ever did? Never let a crisis go to waste. The next chapter is even more eye opening.

What Future Growth Could Look Like

“The history of radical rethinking in the years following World War II, which included the establishment of the Bretton Woods institutions, the United Nations, the EU and the expansion of welfare states, shows the magnitude of the shifts possible.” Page 57

This is the chapter where BLM mottos start to pop up like at a diversity meeting for work. the new measurement for economic stability will no longer use GDP but instead have unmeasurable standards that can be changed on a whim.

“These three areas create a multiplier effect both through their own employment potential and the long term benefits they unleash across societies in term of equality, social mobility, and inclusive growth.” Page 63.

Schwab clearly has a problem with capitalism even though our global economy in its previous, pre-COVID-19, system did more to bring people out of poverty than the last century did. More people world wide have access to the internet. In China, the internet, while it is regulated by the government, is accessible to everyone in an effort to make a household a business. In countries that embrace the internet and free market capitalism people come out of poverty at a faster rate. The socialist program that Schwab is encouraging will cause more poverty and death in the long run. Considering the movement against climate change a program that would lead to a depopulation of society would likely be favorable to these people as opposed to lifting people out of poverty and finding meaning in their lives.

Be leery any time you see the words Equality or Equity when listening to a politician or a corporate shill. Nothing good comes from the enforcement of these kinds of policies and it doesn’t take long for those organizations to crumble down into their grave from mismanagement. Social mobility I already covered and this new system of the Great Reset will not help that. However, inclusive growth, is another buzz word considering that it is not referring to helping other people reach the top of their field, it involves holding others back so that the less qualified can take their place. In the US we have seen this over the years with Affirmative Action where race is a qualification over the experience that someone might have. Some will argue that is not how it works but considering the tax breaks and other incentives that these organizations receive for percentages of their staff being of a certain background the hiring process is not about filling the position with the most qualified but checking off a box on a list of whatever racial, sexual orientation, or gender they need to appear “woke.”

So not only should you prepare for being unemployed if you are a straight white male, it gets better.

“By 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy.” Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum 2020

“Planned yet adaptive, sustainable, and equitable downscaling of the economy, leading to a future where we can live better with less.” Page 64

The economy is not intended to recover. Your retirement plan of a 401K is not on the agenda. Owning a house with land is not on the agenda. If you enjoy a hobby of collecting action figures, typewriters, Knick Knacks, vinyl records, etc. Forget about it. Your pursuit of happiness is not their concern. The constitution as a document for civil order in the US is in the way and expect amendments to start dropping like flies over the next decade. Your right to free speech is already gone with the social apps regulating speech and even removing people for “wrong speech.” All of the scariest parts of 1984 are coming true and in full effect. The last election was rigged, even though they all are, to an extent never before seen and for the purpose of imposing these policies through executive order bypassing the legal route of congress.

On 2-14-2021 President Biden stated his intent to have new gun laws in place overriding the 2nd amendment of the constitution. He is calling for gun registration. The limiting of “large capacity” magazines. The collection of “assault rifles” or the registration of. Much of this is included in the bill HR 127 which would be an organized confiscation of firearms across the country. With annual fees too high for most people to afford and insane standards to pass in order to have a license this bills set up the country for another massive confiscation of wealth with the loss of thousands of dollars per person with nothing in return. Once they take the guns, they can take whatever they want after that. Your liberty is gone and that is what the Great Reset is all about.


The Long Winter, the lost novella

A few years ago I received the opportunity to write a book for a publishing company that I respected and still do. I turned in a novella that I thought was sound in its story and characters. The immediate response was that it was too short and they wanted something longer that would justify printing and a higher price. so, like the idiot that I can be, I went through and added characters, another plot line, killed characters that didn’t really serve a purpose, and ruined a series that had pulled me out of a cycle of debt. Granted, the communication was limited on both ends of the arrangement and while working on the novel the editor and I butted heads on certain things and the novel went into a totally different direction than I ever thought it could. At the time Cannibalism was a hot topic, with movies like Bone Tomahawk this was added as a new selling point. The idea was flirted with in the original Novella and now it was a running theme of the book.

The original disaster that is The Long Winter would be short lived. Turned down by the publishers after spending hundreds of dollars on editing services and disappointed in the book, I could not blame them for this. By this point I hadn’t published anything in over a year and my overall sales were dwindling. I had spent a year working for a production company for a TV show that was never made, that story can be found in my book Golden on Amazon, for the low price of $300 a month. needless to say my writing career was not going as I had hoped and now I was sitting on a book that was professionally edited but nobody wanted to print. Away on amazon it went and two poor reviews later had me removing it not wanting to soil the trilogy I had created.

Digging through files I found the original novella I had written and it was still the enjoyable story I remembered, before all the mess. For anyone who bought the original story I apologize and hope that this version, if you are inclined to read it, is more enjoyable and more fitting with the characters and stories that we loved.


Children of Men

Guy McPherson, climate change believer and doomsday enthusiast might be correct. For years, Guy has pushed the idea that even if we lower carbon emissions and stop polluting the earth will still heat up from the lack of reflecting particles in the air. In Guy’s opinion the concept of climate change is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t problem. Either way humanity is screwed.

This isn’t a popular opinion and not a message that people will pay attention to. Considering how the other fighters of climate change act in their role of saving the planet should we really be surprised? John Kerry flew a private jet to Iceland to accept an award for combating climate change. Leonardo DiCaprio not only flies himself all over the planet in the name of climate change but also which ever woman half his age he is currently indulging in. Al Gore owns several pieces of property, a personal jet, and his carbon footprint is larger than some cities. Add the fact that many of these millionaires and billionaires are investing in beach front property and that should tell you everything.


 A recent study found that men who were infected with Covid-19 have a lower fertility rate than normal. Over the decades, studies have found lowering levels of testosterone in men due to environmental circumstances. Estrogen in the water supply from birth control pills, diets with less meat and fat, soy products, plastics, and car exhaust are just a few of the causes. This study shows a drastic decrease in sperm count after being infected with Covid-19 and it is unknown how much this will affect fertility in the future. We could literally be looking at Children of Men in real life.


Grey Nation, Surviving Yellowstone

This is the second new book I have been able to put out in the same number of weeks. I guess that is the benefit of having a bit of time off and winter keeping me inside. This was a project I started over two years ago and it had been taken off the shelf and put back on more times than I would like to admit. Originally written on a Royal KMM typewriter I was able to scan those pages, edit, rewrite, and finally finish this project and cross it off my list of things to do.

Grey Nation, here is the story…

Mike and Sarah already had a rough year with the birth of their micro preemie daughter and dealing with the estate that belonged to Sarah’s late father. While they were an hour out of town they learned that the Yellowstone supervolcano erupted and was sending a scalding hot wave of ash their way. The clock is ticking and not only do they have to reach home, but also find supplies to wait out the disaster. When the ash settles they find a new country and a new way of life that they have to adapt to or die trying.

If you like what I’m doing here and want to help out the website you could try to give Grey Nation a shot. The Royalties help me out and make sure that I have more time to spend writing for this website. Plus you get an action packed story that I hope you will enjoy.


Homefront: a story of the future collapse

I recently received an email from a company called Webnovel who was interested in my book Homefront: a story of the future collapse. I had never heard of this company before and decided to do some research as to what they were selling. Webnovel is a Chinese based company that specializes is serialized books, expecting authors to write 1500 words a day to be paid $200 a month. they buy the rights to these works and the author is unable to publish on other platforms. doesn’t exactly sound like a good deal.

the funny part about this story is that the novel they enquired about has the Chinese military as the villains, invading the west coast of the country a year after an EMP took out the power grid and left the population helpless in fighting off an invading army. Or so they thought. I don’t know what the intent of this email was or if they even knew anything about the book. worse case scenario is that they were trying to buy the rights so that the book could be shelved and never seen again. after all the last version of Red Dawn that was created had the Chinese replaced with North Koreans after the film had already been shot. Nothing would surprise me these days. you can still find copies of Homefront on Amazon, until the Chinese tell Bezos otherwise. click on the link for a free sample.


It’s Happening


This was a statement made by a friend of mine a few days ago. While it came across as a joke at the time the comment stayed with me. The days pass by and the news only becomes worse making me think “it’s happening.” The “it” being the end of the way things are. Hopefully some good will come out of this even if it is only no longer paying taxes while we roam around the country in a nomadic tribe squabbling over a squirrel that was shot out of a tree. With the lack of management coming out of Washington I can’t think of a good reason why we hand over our money to those incompetent morons anymore.

I keep hearing people say if this goes on any longer our country is permanently screwed. Well, the pentagon has a plan for 18 months and I would have to agree with them. Today a person I follow on Instagram admitted they have it and this is the first person I know that has actually come down with it. There was a theory that it was a hoax, an elaborate ploy to take our rights and make us slaves to the interdimensional lizard people. When you bring in lizard people my first thought goes to Mitch McConnell who isn’t smart enough to think of something like this.

There have been other civilizations that came crumbling down from something like this. Europe was completely reorganized by the black plague. Smallpox wiped out the majority of Native Americans before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth rock. Jared Diamond discussed this in his book Guns, Germs, and Steel and outlined how one event will lead to a series of others.

I don’t know how this will play out. When the panic will truly set in or what the effects will be. Currently the government is trying to make the public happy by sending checks in the mail that they will later have to pay back with raised taxes that are inevitable. I remember when we had a surplus of cash but we pissed that away acting like scared children of a boogie man that lived in a cave with a dialysis machine. We lost sight of what was important and the people in charge still don’t understand the big picture. There is nothing to rule over if everyone is dead.

There is one truth that I hold dear, you are responsible for your own safety. We built a society where we can call for help and hope they get there in time but the reality is harsh when you have to learn the hard way that sometimes help doesn’t come or its not the help that you expected. Over the last twenty years that truth has been reinforced through hurricane Katrina, Puerto Rico, the 2009 economic collapse, and of course 9-11.

The information that has been given to the public about this disease has been sketchy and sometimes made up at best. What we are told and the response from the government hasn’t matched up along the way. When they talk about panic buying, I hear them complaining about people being responsible for their own safety, as they should be. If the food supply wasn’t something to worry about then shouldn’t there be enough to satisfy the current demand? Even the current guidelines don’t make sense. Restaurants can stay open to hand out food not considering that the employees could be infected. Walmart employees aren’t required to wear protective equipment. The police are now infected in several parts of the country. Hospital workers are now infected and dying because someone felt too strongly about their economic philosophy to mandate the production of ventilators and PPE. Our system is being tested and it is failing miserably. As a society we saw this coming and we did nothing to prevent it because the people we elect choose to react to a situation instead of being proactive to prevent it.

There could be some good things that come out of this. The refusal to work 40 plus hours a week to pay for things we don’t really need. Electing people that have our best interest at heart instead of their own. Planning for the future instead of satisfying our cravings right now. The events I mentioned before didn’t happened around the world, they were isolated incidence that we watched on our televisions but they did not happen to us. This time is different. Everyone is affected and even the young who think they are invincible are seeing that their lives are being turned upside down by an invisible enemy that nobody can control. There was a time when Ronald Reagan said that the one thing that could end the cold war over night was an alien invasion that threatened the entire planet. That day is here and so far, governments are not reacting the way they should and people are dying because of it. A tiny creature is killing people, destroying economies (the only thing these assholes seem to be concerned about), causing the police to be ineffective, side lining the military, closing borders, shutting down businesses, closing schools, and bringing the world to a standstill. We have the equivalent of an alien invasion and we, as individuals, are stuck to handle the burden on our own. Nobody is going to do it for us. Those who still think that this isn’t a big deal will be weeded out and those that do the best they can with what they have will fair better in the end. The herd is being thinned out and those that survive will pave the way for what is to come. Hopefully we make the best of it and create a world that we want instead of the one that has been handed down to us and perverted over time. On a positive note, those social justice warriors won’t be able to complain to a virus about how being sick hurts their feelings.