FBI releases classified documents on Saudi connections to 9-11 (documents here)

The day after the 20th anniversary of 9-11 the FBI declassified documents regarding Saudi government connections with the hijackers before the terrorist attack. while the Biden administration says it will put to bed any theories that the Saudis had funded or organized the operation the documents in question, and there are more to come, show a daily meeting or contact with a Saudi national who had connections to the Saudi government. the fact that these documents were held for twenty years until most of the people involved, including the late king of Saudi Arabia, are dead should tell you everything you need to know. BTW the Biden administration also announced that anti aircraft weapon systems had been removed from the country to be strategically placed somewhere else.

it should also be pointed out that the 9-11 commission report stated that they had no proof of a connect between the hijackers of 9-11 and the Saudi government while they had these no released documents in their possession. that report now needs to be moved into the fiction department of every library in the United States.