From the Cabin

7-13-2021 Vol 1 Issue 12

Politics: Call to arrest Trump flooded Twitter recently with the hashtag #arresttrump going viral. A last-ditch effort for media and people with Trump derangement syndrome to feel relevant.

In Haiti, the president was assassinated by gunmen in his bedroom. Two Americans are among the suspects that have been killed during the police investigation.

In Cuba, an uprising is underway to over throw the communist government. Protest in support, are taking place in Miami, Florida where a large population of Cuban refugees live. The protestors are chanting for “liberty” and “Freedom” but the US media is trying to make the story about Covid and supply chain disruptions.

In South Africa Riots and looting have broken out after the arrest of the former President Zuma.



Gold: $ 1,810.60 troy ounce

Silver: $ 26.26 troy ounce

Platinum: $ 1,110.10 troy ounce

Copper: $ 4.28 pound

Bitcoin: $ 32,506.59

US National Debt: $ 28,516,140,000,000

Debt per citizen: $ 85,537

Food: Droughts on the East and West coast of the country are forcing farmers to plow their fields under and sell their cattle at a loss. States like Idaho are only allowing farmers and ranchers to have about 10% of the water they usually use. California is not allowing farmers to have any water choosing to pump it to the cities instead.

Self-defense: Denver Colorado, four people were arrested for gun charges after their hotel rooms were raided by police. Over a dozen firearms were taken as evidence and a thousand rounds of ammunition. The FBI stated there was no indication that the people arrested had any intent on committing illegal acts.

Health: A massive jump in Covid-19 vaccine deaths took place last week with 2000 new deaths record. Since December of 2020 only 7000 deaths were recorded in a six-month time period. Then in one week we see 2000 deaths.

Biden announced that there will be a door-to-door effort to have people vaccinated. These campaigns are being organized at the local level. The initial response to the common was that it was not true and could not be done, now we know that it is happening.

Climate: Heat wave, its summer, it happens.

Editorial: We are screwed.