The Long Winter, the lost novella

A few years ago I received the opportunity to write a book for a publishing company that I respected and still do. I turned in a novella that I thought was sound in its story and characters. The immediate response was that it was too short and they wanted something longer that would justify printing and a higher price. so, like the idiot that I can be, I went through and added characters, another plot line, killed characters that didn’t really serve a purpose, and ruined a series that had pulled me out of a cycle of debt. Granted, the communication was limited on both ends of the arrangement and while working on the novel the editor and I butted heads on certain things and the novel went into a totally different direction than I ever thought it could. At the time Cannibalism was a hot topic, with movies like Bone Tomahawk this was added as a new selling point. The idea was flirted with in the original Novella and now it was a running theme of the book.

The original disaster that is The Long Winter would be short lived. Turned down by the publishers after spending hundreds of dollars on editing services and disappointed in the book, I could not blame them for this. By this point I hadn’t published anything in over a year and my overall sales were dwindling. I had spent a year working for a production company for a TV show that was never made, that story can be found in my book Golden on Amazon, for the low price of $300 a month. needless to say my writing career was not going as I had hoped and now I was sitting on a book that was professionally edited but nobody wanted to print. Away on amazon it went and two poor reviews later had me removing it not wanting to soil the trilogy I had created.

Digging through files I found the original novella I had written and it was still the enjoyable story I remembered, before all the mess. For anyone who bought the original story I apologize and hope that this version, if you are inclined to read it, is more enjoyable and more fitting with the characters and stories that we loved.