The mall was bustling with people shopping, eating, exploring, flirting, stealing, and doing their five laps through the mall for their senior citizen workout. Bill and Daisy sat at a table in the sky court eating orange chicken and fried rice, the only decent meal to be found in the entire building. They were the only white people eating their food with chop sticks.
“Do they sprinkle crack on this?” Daisy asked eating the sauce covered breaded chicken.
“Why do you ask?”
“I could eat this every day.”
Daisy took the leftover sauce and piled the rice on top, mixing the two, unwilling to let any of it go to waste.
The two of them walked through the mall looking at shops with teeny boppers running around laughing about anything they could find. Victoria’s secret was filled with desperate housewives and young couples where the guy was clearly uncomfortable in the store. The sky court was the place for parents and senior citizens to eat their food and people watch for an hour or so.
“Who just walked by?” Bill asked Daisy.
Daisy sighed. “Young guy in his twenties, red jacket, blue jeans and Nike shoes.”
“Young guy?” Bill asked.
“Black male, light skin. Athletic, 175-180 pounds.”
“That’s better.” Bill glanced back and spotted the man right away. “Who is at the Asian drink shop at the moment?”
Daisy glanced at the picture window for an African fair-trade store. The reflection showed her an elderly woman in her seventies with a walker trying to hold her drink with one hand.
“Old woman, white, in her seventies with a walker. She’s going to drop her drink.” A second later the drink spilled all over the floor and the woman grabbed the walker, racing away from the scene of the crime, embarrassed by the accident.
“Very good,” Bill said. “You didn’t do that from memory.” He pointed out.
“No, I used the window.” Daisy nodded to the glass.
“Where did you learn that?”
“Bangkok Dangerous, you have eyes all around you.” Daisy looked at the Asian market and hoped to go inside.
“Alright pumpkin where to?”
Daisy led him to the shop and started to look at the swords behind the counter. As expected, they were all trash, cheap 440 steel that would bend on the first use.
“What are you getting pumpkin?” Bill asked.
“Dad stop,” She started to act irritated. Bill wasn’t sure what had just happened until he noticed the young man behind the counter looking at Daisy and then him. It was obvious that Daisy liked this boy and so Bill wandered around the store on his own while Daisy picked out a set of stainless-steel throwing stars and a new legal to carry folding knife.
“So, do you know how to use these things?” the young man behind the counter asked while Daisy paid in cash.
“Of course, who doesn’t?” the answer was obvious and Daisy left smiling wondering if the young man would buy his own to learn how to use them. When they returned a few weeks later the young man no longer worked there.