And I’m checking out….

Two stories today caught my eye and I was afraid to see where they were coming from. The one thing that had people scared and unwilling to openly say who they supported in the last election appears to be the same thing they are supporting now, cancel culture. Black Rifle Coffee company is under fire for not supporting Kyle Rittenhouse, the young man who shot three people, killing two during a riot. As a company, made up of many employees and owners, they decided not to speak for everyone and said Black Rifle Coffee company does not support Kyle Rittenhouse. As a company they did the right thing. Knowing how these guys operate and their philosophy on business and life it would not surprise me if they came out as individuals and said they supported Kyle. Why the right thinks they need to do it as one entity I don’t understand. After all, they are a private business and they can do whatever they want. Isn’t that what the right has pushed since Reagan was president?

The amount of backlash and cancel culture bullshit that has taken place in the last couple of days leaves me sad and disappointed in the childish behavior of the right. They are acting like the same SJWs they have gone after for the past nine months. Even worse I watched a video by Heavy Duty Country on YouTube where he criticized the owner of BRC for donating to Obama back in the day and Tulsi Gabbard in the last election. As a person completely opposed to the democratic party at this point in my life, I am not going to criticize someone for donating money to anyone. I voted for Obama the first time around. After four years of the same old shit I voted for Jill Stine because she was not allowed to participate in the debates and arrested for trying to enter. I voted for Hillary because I figured a Blowjob was the worse thing we could expect from another Clinton Presidency. After four years of leftist bullshit in the news and cancel culture running rampant, I figured I would try to make a change. I pumped money into the Andrew Yang campaign, finally seeing a man that I could support for a change. After he was screwed over by the DNC, I threw money towards Tulsi Gabbard in hopes that she might be the VP pick. Again, the best of the left was tossed aside for the same old bullshit.

When Joe Biden was announced as the Dems pick as candidate I was done. They had so may opportunities for good people to get into office. People that could make a difference and make the country a better place. Instead they picked old money from old policies and did not consider what their voters really wanted. In the end none of that mattered because it looks like there was some real manipulation the in the votes and they had to cheat in order to get their guy in.

After everything we have been through in the last year, for the right to turn on their own, the best they have to offer, and start acting like the same shitbags they have been bitching about for four years, how fucking dare you. For the cowboy dickhead in Texas (heavy duty country) to complain about a donation to Tulsi Gabbard, a two-tour veteran in Iraq and active national guard, who is he to complain about supporting her campaign. What the fuck has Heavy Duty Country done for the country? The first thing he did in his video was plug his merchandise before trying to destroy somebody else’s business.

The second story is the fall of FOX news. A channel so scared at the moment they are willing to throw their number one anchor under the bus to try to gain BLM points before Biden dies in office. There isn’t much to say here. Tucker had been one of the only people willing to tell the public what had been going on for the last year. When they betrayed him, they betrayed the American people. I don’t know who I would want Trump to buy after he is out of office, FOX news or CNN. Either way it’s a sweet victory and funny as hell when you look at it. The right is starting to turn into the left and it only goes to show that no matter what side you are on, when the mob comes your way people act like little bitches and do whatever the mob says. Black Rifle company will stay in business. The simple-minded acts of a few losers won’t change that. FOX news will change hands again and who knows what will become of it. The republican party and the right, they are starting their death chatter unless they find a pair of balls and quickly. The act of eating your own should be left to the left. let them destroy themselves over the years and watch from the sidelines as they fall apart. To follow their example is to start your own self destruction.

In the meantime, nobody is getting my money. I don’t care if you are left or right. I don’t care if you are against the endless wars or pro-life, I just don’t give a shit because everyone is acting like a bunch of shitheads these days. When the right starts to fall apart in some desperate act of control then you know to whole system has fallen apart. I gave money to the trump campaign towards the end not wanting to see BLM take over and ruin a night out with the wife while they paraded through town hollering their bullshit. I wanted law and order. I wanted a free America free from racism. I wanted an American where someone could build something and make their lives better and the lives of next generations better. What do I get, BRC must be cancelled for not supporting a guy on trial for two counts of murder. Are you kidding me? Should they donate to his defense fund as well? Are they acting as lawyers? What exactly has any of these people who are refusing to buy coffee donated to the cause? My guess, nothing. What will the right get from me from now on, nothing. I am checking out. I’ll cut wood and carry water and whatever is going on in your sad sack world of BS leave me out of it. I have better things to do than complain about coffee. Oh wait, my cupboard is almost empty, I should order a few bags.