The Harvard Classics 2.0

A year or two ago I set out to follow the Harvard classics reading guide and make myself a more educated man. To this day I read through a few books and lost my way with the latest Bourdain book, or anything else that came along and caught my attention. Then came Covid and all reading stopped. Remember when everyone thought they would get fit or read that book finally, with the lockdown. Ya, didn’t work for me either.

I returned to the question recently, is the Harvard classics in audiobook form. That five feet of books put into an audio form and an even taller task. Low and behold, it happened. The Harvard classics is a podcast that is recorded in order of the year long reading program, the complimentary book that organizes your daily selection. The program itself is a bit of a lie with the reading selection taking more than 15 minutes a day unless you are a speed reader. The first podcast is 38 minutes but I am happy to see they follow the program.

I found this program on Audible but it is also available through most podcast apps.