Who watched the Watchmen… and enjoyed it?

This was the question I asked myself after finishing the season that will be quickly forgotten and hopefully sooner than later. The series started off weak with an overly violent finale of cows being mowed down by an M60 machine gun. As the story progresses, we learn little about the characters and find nothing to bond with as we follow these flat one-dimensional masked people around Tulsa Oklahoma. Why on all of god’s green earth would the sequel to Watchmen take place in Tulsa? We never find out and there is no good answer.
The last thing the internet needs is another bitch fest about a poorly written TV show but since Hollywood seems to be inclined to take everything I remember fondly from my childhood and repackaging it into a heaping pile of dogshit I think I have the right to complain on my own blog. The last time I tried to do a review on Rotten Tomatoes it was removed in a week with no notification or message as to why.
All together we have 9 episodes of left-wing propaganda that I have been tired of hearing and frankly I have been burned out since I learned that Louie CK jerked off onto his stomach in front of two consenting adults that immediately regretted it. The villains in this show come in two parts, white supremist and Asians, you heard me, Asians. The main villain turns out to be Lady Trieu, a billionaire who is going to save the world, but there is little to no back story, no personality, and we don’t have any idea what her vision is. Plus, there was the suicide bomber that killed Angela Abar’s parents in Vietnam. So racist points scored on the writers of Watchmen, or maybe they are trying to say that Asians are just more white people? Who knows?
The cannon for Watchmen, the Before Watchmen mini series that was released in 2015, was completely ignored. The once German war criminal, Hooded Justice was replaced by a gay (or possible Bi-sexual) black man. Even the thick German accent that was described in the original 12 issue mini series was ignored for the sake of ideology. I completely understand why Alan Moore wants nothing to do with DC after seeing your creations bend over and violated on the big screen.
There was on gem, one hope that kept me watching. Looking Glass was the only character the writers decided to explore. We had one good episode of television and then it was like the creative team decided “no this is too much work, let’s just destroy the series from here on out.” Looking Glass didn’t appear in another episode until the finale, only as a side character and had little to no involvement in the plot. Most of the series was like this. It wasn’t until the last episode that we learn why the police had the Nite Owl’s flying car. What happened on the White Night ending up being a huge disappointment, Angela being spared was the result of some shitty dialogue for a poor plot twist. For more than half the show Angela’s husband appears to be some lobotomized soy boy toy that most of the women treat like a walking dildo. Hell, even Laurie has an Excalibur Dr. Manhattan vibrator that shows the only purpose a man like him has. After being treated in such a way throughout all nine episodes I guess I would want to die too like Dr. Manhattan eventually does, committing suicide in the end for no purpose whatsoever.
I say he committed suicide for two reasons, he can see the future and the first trick he learned after becoming Dr. Manhattan was how to duplicate himself. Again, the first book was ignored all together. Some of the other things I picked up on, oh ya, communist are good. That was a shocker, not really. Reparations should be paid out to people that had nothing bad happen to them by people who didn’t do anything to them. That’s a shocker as well. No, not really. All white people are “secret racist.” Hell, I grew up hearing that one.
If there is one thing I learned from watching this show it is this, white people have no business pushing agendas for other races. I overheard a conversation once asking the question “why don’t any white people write like Ta-Nehisi Coates?” It was a poorly thought out and silly question leaving out the biggest factor of all, white people aren’t black. We don’t have the same background, life experience, culture, or history. When was the last time a straight white man wrote a great piece of black lesbian literature? Do you really want us to tell you about racism in America? Ya, I didn’t think so.
There was an opportunity here and it was lost early on along with the plot of this show. What could have been a great piece of writing was sacrificed to the Woke Gods of the broke and destitute. “Once you go woke, you go broke.” I believe that is the saying.
DC is in the process of destroying some of their best properties. Dr. Manhattan officially joined the DC universe which makes no sense whatsoever. Damon Lindelof wiped his ass with cannon for a show he admits will not have a second season. Like Lost, Watchmen will go down as a show that was entertaining but the writers were too busy micro-dosing on who knows what to put together a coherent plot and therefore slapped together something that resembles the writings of a paranoid schizophrenic.
With this series finally over there are burning questions the audience still has. Who was Lube Man and what the hell was with Dirty Panda? There is something to look forward to. At some point, there will be a Lube Man and Dirty Panda sex tape. There is no way that won’t be made. If there is one thing that is dependable in this world it’s the porn industry’s ability to cash in on the dumbest thing people will pay money to see. That might be the only saving grace of this show. If that happens maybe it could go down in history as something more than a left-wing dumpster fire. I’m still waiting for the hate to start since there were no Trans super heroes in the show. How trans phobic could Lindelof be? Not one trans person. How dare you Lindelof. I thought you were better than that. No really, I don’t care, but now that the cat is out of the bag people will start hating on this for the wrong reasons of course. It would be nice if Hollywood stopped playing the games of the left, pushing ideas nobody wants to an audience who has been burned out for over a decade now. Please stop already. Where have all the good artist gone?