The Ukrainian Kill List

I had heard about the kill list earlier this year when the war started. It isn’t uncommon for nations to create a list of people to get rid of during a conflict to make things easier for a victory. There is something increasingly odd about this one.

A post on Twitter caught the attention of Elon Musk, the man who has been supplying internet service for Ukraine.

Musk isn’t the only well-known person on the list. Roger Waters of Pink Floyd is on there along with Henry Kissinger who has worked with every administration since Kennedy.

Over the past three days the cost of that internet service has come into question. Elon asked that Ukraine starts paying for the service since it has already cost him billions of dollars this year already. When he received a “fuck off” in response Elon shut down the service. It was during that time Elon started to receive negative comments about his decision with his reply being “We’re just following his recommendation.” Musk went to the pentagon hoping to receive funding for the project, unable to continue supplying the service as a donation to the country.

If that surprises you wait until you hear who is helping collect the intelligence on these people. Anyone can go to the Myrotvorets website and look at an active list of people the Ukrainian government is looking to delete from the population. At the bottom of these entries you can see who added the information on these individuals. Some say MI5, others NSA. To my surprise a number of them say FBI. Why the FBI would collect information for the Ukrainian government while US officials are on the list is beyond my comprehension.

The war in Ukraine is a problem, a huge problem not just for the US but for the whole world at this point. The nuclear situation is a growing concern, beyond the Cuban missile crisis at this point. The hit list is crossing borders, going beyond the conflict involving two nations. Canadian journalists are on this list along with UK nationals. If you live in the United States and you don’t agree with the war in the Ukraine or supporting it, you may find yourself on the list. With the political friction in the US right now there is a real possibility that individuals could be targeted for not supporting the war in Ukraine. Journalists are not exempt from being a target, a violation of international law. Noncombatants (civilians) are not exempt either. Currently, over 325 children are on the hit list for a country that says they stand for freedom and claim the moral high ground. Perhaps what the world needs right now is several copies of Leon the Professional being dropped into Ukraine so that they can learn how to be a hitman that people cheer for. Leon’s first rule was “no women, no kids.”

The last line says it all…

You get what you pay for

The news has been a sounding board for the idea of karma lately. 2020 was a crap year and it appears to have set the stage for even bigger disappointments, violence, and death. While some of these stories sound like the plots to cheap soap operas, others are straight out of Tom Clancy novels.

On the romance front it would appear that governor Gretchen Whitmer had her heart broken when she requested more vaccines for her state of Michigan only to be declined and told to lockdown again instead. Only a few months ago she had guaranteed the electoral votes of the state for Biden during the election. In return she has received no help or special privileges. These days I picture the stupid look on her face as she thinks to herself, he told me he loved me. You get what you pay for.

Onto the Ukraine and Biden front, the same country that Hunter Biden was given a cushy job is about to be invaded by Russia and they don’t appear to care about US involvement. Not only did Ukraine make the mistake of catering to the Biden family but they had the misfortune of having a man almost 80 years old elected into office. Over on the Chinese front, another country Hunter Biden received money from, there are 200+ ships off the coast of Taiwan and they don’t care about the US being involved. These situations have been simmering for the last four years and as soon as the administration is changed these two countries hit the “Go” button and prepare for war. You get what you pay for.

Riots erupted in Minneapolis again after a man was shot by a cop during a traffic stop. Stores are looted and the police chief resigned. The police were defunded after a voted and later abolished entirely. Crime went up and even with the mismanagement of the twin cities the state decided to vote more democrats in along with Biden and Harris. Now we have more riots and looting, the city can’t hire any cops for work, and people are moving out in droves. You get what you pay for.

People are dying from the Covid-19 vaccines and we don’t know the extent of it. The vaccines were pushed through without proper testing and now we are learning they can cause blood clots. Of course, I was covering this back in January when they said there was no link to the deaths of people two weeks after receiving the shot. Now there are 6 confirmed women with blood clots with one dead. This also ignores the deaths in retirement homes, the doctor in Florida that died, and Hank Aaron who also died less than two weeks after receiving the shot. Add in others that are not documented and I guessing we are in the thousands for people who have died from the vaccine. During the 4-14-2021 episode of the Tim Pool podcast a super chat added that their uncle died from a blood clot after receiving the shot. There are more out there that we are not supposed to know about. You get what you pay for.

I could go on about the great many things that have made me laugh lately but the list is too long. A few honorable mentions include the coming tax hike from Biden, pulling troops out of Afghanistan and letting the Taliban and Al Qaeda move back in after their vacation in Pakistan for the last 20 years, the news media losing their viewers, and the Kardashians buying their own doomsday bunker. If that doesn’t tell you something I don’t know what will. If you are not paying attention I guess you get what you pay for.