Free Derek Chauvin

The more time that passes the more evidence piles up that the Chauvin trial was not fair or impartial. In a recent interview juror #52 said that he had a political agenda on the verdict and also lied about not going to BLM protest before the trial. Add a few more points that can not be ignored, an alternate juror stated in an interview that she did not want to go through riots, or have people coming to her house in retaliation. These were her thoughts during the trial when she didn’t know she was an alternate. Riots erupted during the trial. Barricades were set up outside the courthouse with armed guards escorting the jurors inside. A photo was taken of the jury during the trial by a woman in attendance. A severed pigs head was left on the front porch of witness who testified days earlier. A member of congress threatened the jury if they did not come back with the verdict they demanded. The president stated that they should come back with the “right verdict.” The city of Minneapolis settled out of court, handing over millions of dollars to the George Floyd family before the trial started. The judge refused to move the trial to a different location. The judge also refused to sequester the jury once riots broke out and several of the jurors lived in the neighborhoods where the riots were taking place. Evidence was admitted during the trial that was not given to the defense, and when the judge said that they can not proceed with the line of questioning about the evidence, the prosecution went ahead with it anyway without the judge stepping in to stop it.

If I had to describe the Chauvin trial into simple terms it would be somewhere between FUBAR and clusterfuck. I could hope that the judge ran this circus with the expectation that Chauvin would be acquitted later on appeal, but overall, I think he was a coward who decided to leave that in the hands of somebody else because he wanted to keep his nice house. Its hard to do your job correctly when Al Qaeda, I mean Black Lives Matter, is constantly threatening to burn everything down unless they get what they want.

We live in a country now that adheres to a mob and tries to place everyone on a scale with the lowest standards possible. To do well in any activity, profession, anything that could make a person feel inferior, is to welcome the mob to your door and demand that you dumb down for the sake of people who do not matter. The woke mob is a simple-minded group of people who only take the easy way through life. Blame others for their misfortune. Demand rewards for accomplishing nothing. Tear down those who have self-esteem. Judge people by race. You are not accountable for your actions. These are the tenets of the woke movement and its being taught to our kids.

When I started writing this it was due to the reports of the juror lying to be on the trial for the sake of social justice. As I finish this is see that the lawyer for Chauvin has submitted an impeachment to the trial because of the long list of mistrial qualifications listed above. I could hope that Chauvin might receive a retrial but considering that the paperwork had to be sent to the same incompetent judge I doubt we will see a justified outcome. Our nation appears to be led by a group of vagina hat wearing sissies and unless Covid does a good job of eliminating the old ruling class there is no hope of any real change in the coming years. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon with her facelift and twenty-year-old fake tits. Mitch McConnell will live forever with that turtle DNA that he likes to flaunt.

We are at a stage in our history where we now have political prisoners and it started back in the Bush administration. I will never forget the UN weapons inspector who openly opposed the invasion of Iraq because he had been there, seen what Saddam had, and knew the WMD argument was a lie. Like any pawn he was sacrificed under the allegations that he had child pornography on his computer, a crime no one could ever verify and who would want to? That man disappeared and since then we have Assange dying while waiting to find out if he will ever be put on trial. Snowden is still in Russia hiding from mobsters pissed that he revealed their casino was rigged. The only difference between the few people that were political prisoners before and what is happening now, Biden has stated that half the country is considered domestic terrorists because they did not vote for him. I never realized that I had moved to Iraq, or Iran, maybe this is Colombia or Bosnia. I can’t keep track of all the countries that treat their political rivals as mortal enemies.

We crossed a line last year and since then we have been hop skipping into the fray looking to see how far down the rabbit hole we can go before we realize we are no longer home. This isn’t the justice system that I grew up learning about. There was a time when we would rather have several guilty men go free if it meant that one innocent man would not be in prison. Now we have human sacrifice to appease a terrorist organization. In twenty years, we went from “we do not negotiate with terrorists” to being the terrorists that we hunted. We stared evil in the face for too long and became the demon that we sought to destroy.



White Fragility: a book review

Are you tired of living the good life? Has everything been handed to you on a silver platter? When you are pulled over does the cop give you a ticket and send you on your way? If you have answered yes to any of these and have white skin then you have white privilege and you’re racist. You’re not racist you say, be careful, because denying you are racist is racist. Who says? Robin DiAngelo, an American academic in whiteness studies. Yes, they hand out degrees in made up shit and we wonder why the country is going to hell.

White Fragility is the current best-selling book that makes white America feel like they are the biggest pieces of shit on the planet if they are unable to think for themselves, and after seeing the crowds in the BLM protest across the country, critical thinking and self esteem are in short supply across the land. White Fragility works as a recruiting tool for a new religion of “Wokeness” that has sprung up and at this moment L. Ron Hubbard is wishing he had played the race card instead of sticking to science fiction and aliens. The joke of this book is that it flips the idea of original sin onto white people, using the label of skin color to easily point out those that are racist and those who are not. There was a time when slave owners used the bible to justify slavery saying that dark skinned people were the descendants of Cain. Now white skin is the label of racism, inherited at birth and cannot be washed away unless you spend a lifetime fighting against racism.

This new religion is also influenced by Joseph Heller and his book Catch 22. If you are white you are racist. If you don’t know that you are racist, well that’s okay because you have been indoctrinated into a racist system so you are still racist. If you know that you are not racist and deny it then you are still racist by the new definition determined by DiAngelo. If you admit you are racist, of course you are. You just said it and will stay guilty as charged. So, who isn’t racist? DiAngelo of course, the great white savior that black people have been waiting for.

While DiAngelo sets herself up to be the savior of all black people she spends a good portion of the book bashing herself for being racist or talks about herself while pretending not to. She says that some of the worst offenders of racism are progressive women who are fighting for equality, but that doesn’t include her. In DiAngelo’s world black people are unable to change the racist system set against them on their own and they need the help of white people to correct things for them. Its like the civil rights march of fifty years ago never happened.

Through out the book assumptions are made and studies are rarely referred to. One sentence in particular talks about the “countless studies” done on HR call backs from corporations and universities if the applicant has an African American name. The only study listed as a reference is the same one from the movie Freakanomics. When Robin tries to make her case for systematic racism and how white people are racist by nature she fails to provide any real proof instead choosing to use situations from her own life and assumptions to form her argument. She uses the phrase “I assume” too many times for a book that is trying to sell the idea that she is an expert in her made-up field.

Then there is the communist aspect of the book. There is a section in the first 20 pages where Robin argues that we know white people are racist because they never organized and stood up to the higher classes business owners/ wall street tycoons but were instead focused on the lowly poor black folks for their problems. In her mind the country would have proved we weren’t racist if we just had a communist revolution and over threw the people in power. But we are racist so we kept the system going and continued to oppress black people. That what she thinks. At this point the whole black lives matter movement refuses to acknowledge that the civil rights movement happened and whatever their current issue is will be fixed by undoing everything that happened before.

White Fragility is the woke bible in the sense that it stole most of its ideas from other religions, threw them into a book and said it was written by god. Of course, in this case the god is white but female and she is going to be the savior of people who didn’t ask for her help. Robin infested her book with Alcoholics Anonymous philosophy where someone who denies they are racist is of course racist, because a symptom of the disease is to deny that you have it. There is also the Catch 22 rule that is similar if you say you are not racist then you are racist. If you admit you are racist you are still racist even if you are not. Then there is the original sin aspect of the situation. If you are born white you are automatically racist and you will be your whole life even if you try to correct it. There is the door to door prophesizing that you see from Mormons but in this case it is taking to the streets and screaming black live matter at the top of your lungs and accosting anyone who does not agree with you because cracking skulls is a sure fire way to convert people. I remember the good old days when a catholic would screw somebody into submission to get them to go to church. Not here. To be in an interracial relationship is to fetishize the person of color and not think of them as a person. A person’s sexual preference is racist if it is anything other than the same race as them. To be black and dating a white person is to be taken advantage of, to be white and date a person of color is to oppress them. In the end Robin never settles what should be done about people of mixed race, instead automatically categorizes them as colored because they don’t fit neatly into a tiny box in her mind.

I wish White Fragility was a book that hit the shelves to a non-existent audience but currently it is a best seller. Considering the success of 50 shades of Grey I have high hopes that it will be filling the local Goodwill donation bins and end up in a land fill or as insolation in low income housing, because that would be more useful at this point. A best seller does not mean that a book says anything important or it has the ability to make the world a better place. In the end White Fragility is just a tool for mental masturbation in the SJW community and DiAngelo is the Hugh Hefner of BLM offering her victim porn to the masses while tokenizing black people for her own personal ability to make millions off of their misery. At 62 DiAngelo must have realized that a degree in Studies in Whiteness was only going to lead her to living off of social security and she would never be able to pay off those pesky student loans before she died. Like many people on the west coast she must have asked herself, “What if I started a cult?” and then White Fragility was born. The checks are in, the damage is done, can we please let this title join the ranks of 50 Shades of Grey where the author is forgotten, the public realizes how horrible it is and we move on from all of this bullshit to live a happy life again instead of being hit by a whip and trying to figure out why it still doesn’t feel as good as the book described.

Now that I think about it maybe 50 Shades of Grey is the perfect analogy for this book. The readership is primarily white women with low self esteem that will put themselves into harm’s way to fulfill a fantasy that will never come true. Holy shit, I bet some of my ex-girlfriends are diving right into this shit. Like Grey, White fragility had little or no research done while writing it and the biggest fans of the book are lonely white women who have nothing better to do in their lives than try to prove they are not as depressed and shitty as they know themselves to be. White Fragility is the anti-self-help book, dishing out bad advice to those who don’t know any better at the expense of a minority. Congratulations Robin you proved to the world who the biggest racist is, take a look in the mirror.


Who watched the Watchmen… and enjoyed it?

This was the question I asked myself after finishing the season that will be quickly forgotten and hopefully sooner than later. The series started off weak with an overly violent finale of cows being mowed down by an M60 machine gun. As the story progresses, we learn little about the characters and find nothing to bond with as we follow these flat one-dimensional masked people around Tulsa Oklahoma. Why on all of god’s green earth would the sequel to Watchmen take place in Tulsa? We never find out and there is no good answer.
The last thing the internet needs is another bitch fest about a poorly written TV show but since Hollywood seems to be inclined to take everything I remember fondly from my childhood and repackaging it into a heaping pile of dogshit I think I have the right to complain on my own blog. The last time I tried to do a review on Rotten Tomatoes it was removed in a week with no notification or message as to why.
All together we have 9 episodes of left-wing propaganda that I have been tired of hearing and frankly I have been burned out since I learned that Louie CK jerked off onto his stomach in front of two consenting adults that immediately regretted it. The villains in this show come in two parts, white supremist and Asians, you heard me, Asians. The main villain turns out to be Lady Trieu, a billionaire who is going to save the world, but there is little to no back story, no personality, and we don’t have any idea what her vision is. Plus, there was the suicide bomber that killed Angela Abar’s parents in Vietnam. So racist points scored on the writers of Watchmen, or maybe they are trying to say that Asians are just more white people? Who knows?
The cannon for Watchmen, the Before Watchmen mini series that was released in 2015, was completely ignored. The once German war criminal, Hooded Justice was replaced by a gay (or possible Bi-sexual) black man. Even the thick German accent that was described in the original 12 issue mini series was ignored for the sake of ideology. I completely understand why Alan Moore wants nothing to do with DC after seeing your creations bend over and violated on the big screen.
There was on gem, one hope that kept me watching. Looking Glass was the only character the writers decided to explore. We had one good episode of television and then it was like the creative team decided “no this is too much work, let’s just destroy the series from here on out.” Looking Glass didn’t appear in another episode until the finale, only as a side character and had little to no involvement in the plot. Most of the series was like this. It wasn’t until the last episode that we learn why the police had the Nite Owl’s flying car. What happened on the White Night ending up being a huge disappointment, Angela being spared was the result of some shitty dialogue for a poor plot twist. For more than half the show Angela’s husband appears to be some lobotomized soy boy toy that most of the women treat like a walking dildo. Hell, even Laurie has an Excalibur Dr. Manhattan vibrator that shows the only purpose a man like him has. After being treated in such a way throughout all nine episodes I guess I would want to die too like Dr. Manhattan eventually does, committing suicide in the end for no purpose whatsoever.
I say he committed suicide for two reasons, he can see the future and the first trick he learned after becoming Dr. Manhattan was how to duplicate himself. Again, the first book was ignored all together. Some of the other things I picked up on, oh ya, communist are good. That was a shocker, not really. Reparations should be paid out to people that had nothing bad happen to them by people who didn’t do anything to them. That’s a shocker as well. No, not really. All white people are “secret racist.” Hell, I grew up hearing that one.
If there is one thing I learned from watching this show it is this, white people have no business pushing agendas for other races. I overheard a conversation once asking the question “why don’t any white people write like Ta-Nehisi Coates?” It was a poorly thought out and silly question leaving out the biggest factor of all, white people aren’t black. We don’t have the same background, life experience, culture, or history. When was the last time a straight white man wrote a great piece of black lesbian literature? Do you really want us to tell you about racism in America? Ya, I didn’t think so.
There was an opportunity here and it was lost early on along with the plot of this show. What could have been a great piece of writing was sacrificed to the Woke Gods of the broke and destitute. “Once you go woke, you go broke.” I believe that is the saying.
DC is in the process of destroying some of their best properties. Dr. Manhattan officially joined the DC universe which makes no sense whatsoever. Damon Lindelof wiped his ass with cannon for a show he admits will not have a second season. Like Lost, Watchmen will go down as a show that was entertaining but the writers were too busy micro-dosing on who knows what to put together a coherent plot and therefore slapped together something that resembles the writings of a paranoid schizophrenic.
With this series finally over there are burning questions the audience still has. Who was Lube Man and what the hell was with Dirty Panda? There is something to look forward to. At some point, there will be a Lube Man and Dirty Panda sex tape. There is no way that won’t be made. If there is one thing that is dependable in this world it’s the porn industry’s ability to cash in on the dumbest thing people will pay money to see. That might be the only saving grace of this show. If that happens maybe it could go down in history as something more than a left-wing dumpster fire. I’m still waiting for the hate to start since there were no Trans super heroes in the show. How trans phobic could Lindelof be? Not one trans person. How dare you Lindelof. I thought you were better than that. No really, I don’t care, but now that the cat is out of the bag people will start hating on this for the wrong reasons of course. It would be nice if Hollywood stopped playing the games of the left, pushing ideas nobody wants to an audience who has been burned out for over a decade now. Please stop already. Where have all the good artist gone?