WW3? I Think Not

If we listen to the war drums of the republican party, ISIS wins. that’s right, the current rhetoric coming out of a dysfunctional party is exactly what the bad guys want and they don’t even see it.
The purpose of ISIS is to start the apocalypse. They want the end of mankind to happen so we can all live in one happy cloud of dust in the sky.
At the moment 26 state governors have said they will not allow Syrian refugees into their states. Almost all of them are Republicans including my own Sneaky Snyder. The more disenfranchised these refugees become who are they more likely to turn to? If our doors are closed and somebody else starts to offer answers… congratulations you have just created more terrorist.
While some people would like to point the finger at an entire religion I would like to point a few things out. 1. Many of the problems Islam has are the same problems Christianity has. For example, treating women as property. Blaming women for the acts of men. Thinking everyone should convert or adhere to their religious beliefs. Trying to push their religious beliefs on others. Ridiculing homosexuals. Attacking atheists. And the list goes on and on. These are only a few of the things that Islam and Christianity have in common. 2. The acts of a few do not represent the whole. If so than we can blame all Christians for the holocaust since the Nazi party was a Christian political party with the support of the catholic church. Or maybe blame all Christians for the burning of black churches in St. Louis which has been done by members of the KKK, also a Christian group. I have always hated double standards and this applies with the events of Paris too.
The worse we treat the refugees who only want to live their lives in peace the more likely they are to become what you fear. I know some of these people. I have talked to refugees and people on the ground fighting ISIS. We are the problem on both ends. We do not support the people who are doing the majority of the work to fight ISIS. We also turn our backs on the people who’s lives are torn apart because we funded ISIS to over throw Assad and it backfired. Currently we have two allies in the middle east that are at war, the Kurds and Turkey. Turkey funds and supports ISIS and is the same country we use their airfields to bomb ISIS. Weird right? Then there is the Kurds who have fought ISIS since day one. They have received no support from Turkey. In return for keeping ISIS out of Turkey’s borders turkey has declared war on the Kurds and has even crossed the border into Iraq to kill Kurds. So who does the US support? I give you one hint, it’s not the Kurds.
Russia steps in to protect their assets in Syria as we would with any country we have military bases in. Putin reclaims airfields and boost troop numbers at their naval base. He also starts to bomb ISIS positions and tells turkey to stop supply the terrorist, which they deny. In the last few weeks Putin has done more to fight ISIS than we have because we still had hopes they would throw Assad out of power.
Yes we do need to fight ISIS. Do we need boots on the ground? Not how you think we do. Aside from the air campaign we also need to arm the Kurds with better weapons and training. Thankfully we are already their with special forces and delta helping them assault ISIS. We also need to learn a thing from Roosevelt and offer Vets and current military the option to be hired out by the Kurds to fight ISIS. We don’t need our army there but we do have guys that hate civilian life and would like a better paycheck to help make the world a better place. Think of the flying tigers in WW2. We also need to work with Putin on bombing the shit out of ISIS positions and kick Turkey out of the mix who can’t help but bomb Kurdish positions.
Will this solve everything? No. Syria needs to rebuild. They need to bring their agriculture back. Measures to prevent further drought issues need to be taken or the whole thing repeats itself. Don’t forget this all happened because of climate change and this is not the only country this will happen with.
Iraq is gone. The lines and borders no longer exist. New lines need to be drawn and borders established. The UN needs to step in and acknowledge the changes on the map and offer protection to the new countries that are forming before our eyes. The US experiment of exporting democracy is a failure. The only people I know that have anything close to what we said we were going to do were already there. The Kurds have their own government and believe in woman’s rights. The only group that resembles something close to American democracy and yet they have no official homeland.
The middle east is a mess and we have only a former coke addict, draft dodging, whiny little bitch brat to blame for it. Is Dubya still finger painting these days?
This is only the start of an entire century that will look like this. Either we learn how to handle these situations now like civilized human beings or we can look forward to a clusterfuck of a mess by selfish bigoted assholes who never read their religious books. Christmas is coming and I heard there are some middle eastern families that are needing a place to stay.