“Isn’t it funny that he isn’t going to jail after killing two people?”

This is the question my wife asked me the other day. This is the same person whose favorite podcast is My Favorite Murder and while I have listened to several episodes in passing I have never heard a story where the pedophile dies in the end.

I remember sitting in my small study in my old house watching the footage of Rittenhouse not long after it happened. I had been following the riots and the chaos around the country. To my shock the authorities stood down and left a 17 year old patrol the streets while the police were nowhere to be found. This didn’t just happen in Kenosha but even in my hometown of Kalamazoo MI. The difference, Kyle went out and tried to stop the chaos. I learned during the two years prior that the authorities of my city didn’t care for people taking care of their community and to do so had people questioning your motives. There was a time when I walked down the sidewalk and picked up the trash that no one else would touch. At one time, my boss and friend at the brewery had seen me picking up trash and asked me about it thinking is was some kind of community service for a crime he didn’t know I committed.

What happened to people where trying to better the world is looked upon with suspicion instead of pride? This type of thinking, when looked at by those who possess it, is acknowledged as shameful. Their inability to do something good leads them to look down upon those who are willing to do what is necessary.

In the case of Kyle Rittenhouse this kid went out and cleaned up graffiti, offered medical aid to those injured, supported BLM (don’t get me started on this), and retreated every chance he had while people chased him trying to injure or kill him. Those who could not understand the actions of this teen had to resort to constantly spreading false information in an effort to make him look like a villain. The same media that spread the message of BLM and protected a terrorist organization had to admit to itself that they aided in the destruction of the country while a child did their job of trying to heal his community.

Here are the lies they spread about Kyle. He illegally bought a rifle. He carried an assault rifle, there is no such thing. He used a large caliber round, not true. It was high powered, again not true. He was an active shooter. He killed black men. He went out to hunt protestors. He crossed state lines with the rifle. He is a white supremacists. All of these statements are flat out lies and have been known to be untrue for over a year, and yet my wife comes to me asking about this kid being acquitted for killing two people. Are we living in two different countries? In what world is a person not allowed to defend themselves when being hit in the head with a skateboard? Still the media doubles down and The Independent post that Kyle killed two black men and shot a third at a BLM rally. In Kenosha the first day of riots (protest) started with a cop being hit in the head with a brick while sitting in his squad car. Everything went down hill after that and for weeks the city burned. What the media also decided to keep to themselves was the fact that in Kenosha it was minority owned or immigrant businesses that were being destroyed, most of which did not have insurance or didn’t not cover the damage because of clauses in their policies. BLM, the media, and even politicians went after a kid for trying to help his community. If there was a sign of our country falling to pieces, I think this would be it.

The three men Kyle shot, not angels. They weren’t black either. One was a convicted pedophile who went to prison for sodomizing 5 boys will eleven counts. He went to prison for 15 years and was released. How did he find himself at a BLM riot? He was released from a local hospital after being on suicide watch, couldn’t go home because his fiancé had a restraining order against him for abusing him and sexually assaulting her son.

The next piece of work hit his grandmother in the face and wrongfully imprisoned people in his house because they would not do what he said. He also brought a skate board to a gun fight.

Then there was the paramedic who illegally carried a pistol across state lines, to several riots, attempted to kill Kyle with it and had his bicep vaporized before he could pull the trigger. These are the people the media is deciding to classify as heroes.

I don’t know what the future holds for Kyle. I hope that he becomes an inspiration to others to do the right thing. There is a sense of guilt that I feel. The notion that I could have done something besides sitting at home waiting to see what the damage was going to be. I can tell myself that I had two kids and wife to think about but what kind of world am I leaving them when I’m not willing to fight to create a better one for them?